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for Driver Satisfaction and Efficiency Gains

Simplify the driver request process and create value for Service Providers by executing a clean and simple deployment system

Event Types

Service Event : Request the need for chassis or trailer repair, tractor is coming soon!

Equipment Inspection : Provides for ease of use for both inspectors and drivers to capture photos and conduct expedited equipment inspections.

Cargo Inspection : Utilize REACH mobility to assist customers with cargo related concerns. Smooth documentation procedures and Cloud management.

Facility Inspection : In today’s highly sensitive safety environment, capture specific facility related information and photos to be shared with peers.

Reach mobility

REACH makes the driver experience significantly better through faster service and greater interplay with the Service Provider.
Increased functionality below:

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Mapping : driver and technician can map to each other’s locations – similar to UBER.

Chat : a very powerful function that has quickly become the favorite of drivers.

Select Services : gives the Service Provider a first look into service need – expedites services.

Ping Notifications : alerts driver to ETA, service changes and comments via mobility ping.

Dispatch and IEP engagement : Both Dispatch and IEPs can enter into the Web system and send mobility updates directly to the driver without interrupting her day.

Photo Attachment : quick and easy, at the line item level through Web and Mobility

Reach workflow

REACH provides for a clear view of proximity, services provided, mapping and contact/chat functionality to “reach” the right service partner.
This is the backbone of REACH functionality that enables the tenants to work more efficiently together. The mobile piece accentuates this core function and provides a feel similar to that for UBER users.

Equipment Provider ID

REACH talks to GIER (Global Intermodal Equipment Registry).

Rules Engine

Driven off of the UIIA (Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement) as a default
REACH proprietary engine allows for Truckers and IEPs to create their own specific rules and exceptions.

Drop Locations

REACH provides for another level of granularity with Drop and Customer locations. The next evolution of REACH will include Street Interchange and pre-determined driver drop lots and “favorites”.

Vantage Solutions

The Vantage Solutions team has a singular goal; “improve the daily work productivity of Intermodal Drivers”. Intermodal continues to be a very hot and growing space, but Driver shortages and operational inefficiency has caused increased costs and frustration. REACH 2.0 endeavors to simplify the driver request process and create value for Service Providers by executing a clean and simple deployment system. Save time and money, measurably is our motto.

System Reporting

Powerful ad hoc and canned reports that provide Truckers, Chassis Providers and Service Partners with high level and granular information to best manage the process.


Each Service Provider enters pricing at the job level and the system applies “secret sauce” so that all tenants can easily follow the Chassis Provider and Trucker rules of engagement to and through the invoicing piece.


Supports that the three key tenants; Truckers, Equipment Providers, and Service Providers have the ability to create specific agreements and relationships. Also allows for prioritization and preference for the service providers.

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