In 2014, I was spending time consulting with a very large intermodal trucking company working on a number of issues. 

These included:

  • speed to resolution for equipment breakdown;

  • visibility into equipment readiness and condition;

  • communication gaps for drivers and technicians;

  • rules based on equipment providers; and

  • optimal solutions for a given service event.

As the pain became more and more measurable, the need for a solution also became evident.  I then reached out to a friend from the University of Pittsburgh and he put me in touch with two tech experts, Ash and Khush. We started on REACH in mid-2014 and launched our first version with our initial customer on August 20th, 2015.  Now, more than two years later, we have numerous release versions and over 250,000 service events.  Moreover, we have over 2600 companies using REACH and have also added

  • auto-assign to service provider;

  • DVIR and Equipment Inspection (Apple and Droid);

  • rules engines; and 

  • vastly improved chat and ping functionality.

As a final note, REACH is a communication tool at its core.  Transportation is not just moving goods from A to B, it is communicating amongst all parties.  Indeed, the real power of REACH is this: “communicating equipment condition before you leave A going to B and handling any service related issues between A and B.  Finally, REACH allows observers to watch this activity to improve overall ecosystem communications.

Our story continues....

- Paul Burgoyne, Founder and CEO