ELD Mandate: Navigating the Exemptions

According to Overdrive Magazine, the first official day of the mandate received mixed responses across the United States with companies waiting to order devices and general obstinance from trucking companies to comply; now, a list of exemptions, legislation, and problems with technology compound the enforcement across the United States.


Combating the Driver Shortage and Other Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry

With data gathered from a total of 1,557 respondents across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the results of this study represent motor carriers, commercial drivers, and other industry stakeholders. It compares most recent results with those from the prior year, indicating the changes and emerging priorities in the trucking industry.

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Customer Service, Safety Training, and Technology: How This Intermodal Player Leverages All Three

With 46 years of service and over 30 locations strategically placed across eastern and central United States, MRS-CMC is the largest marine and railroad player in the nation.