Managing Service Events in REACH

In this session, we'll show how truck dispatchers can easily manage events. This includes accepting and rejecting, re-assigning, and completing the events.

When an event is submitted, a service provider will accept or reject it. To re-assign events to new providers, click the event number. Then, click "Find Service Centers." From the list, the dispatcher may select the preferred provider.

When a service event is completed, drivers and REACH will rate the service provider based on response time and other service qualities.

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DVIR & Equipment Inspection for Mobile

To create a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR), click the red button from the home screen and then select "DVIR." Drop your location, select the equipment type, and fill in the remaining required information. When you're done, press the arrow at the top of the screen.

Click through the DVIR categories to note the condition of each. Take photos and add comments for the most accurate description possible. When you're done, click the double check mark in the top right corner.

For equipment inspections, click the red button from the main menu and select the option from the popup window. Similar to DVIR, fill in the required information and select the inspection type. Note the equipment conditions and select the double check mark to submit.

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