Tutorial: Add Users

In this tutorial, Madeline shows users how to add others to access a shared REACH portal using a demo trucking portal, nfw trucking. It should be noted that this process is the same across all platform types.

To access your control panel, click on your business name at the top of the screen. From here, click on the Users tab and add the new user's appropriate first name, last name, and email address.

Next, select the user type. User Admins have full access to REACH capabilities with subsequent user types having tiered limitations including the ability to create events and interact with other users in event comments. Click "save" and the new user is successfully created in REACH.

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Video: How to Use the REACH Mobile App

Maybe you're a REACH pro and are looking to train your teammates; maybe you're new to the mobile app and are ready to begin receiving service calls on your mobile device.

Regardless of your background, we've tweezed out a bit of REACH Academy created just for service centers. Watch the video or read through the transcription below to learn how to easily manage and communicate within the work order flow on the REACH mobile app.

Looking for a way to keep track of service events on the go? Here's how to use the REACH mobile app.

It’s important to note that you must be logged in on the REACH app and have notifications turned on in your phone’s settings in order to be notified of service calls submitted to your business.

When a service call is submitted to your service center, you will receive a push notification regardless if you have the app open on your phone. From your mobile dashboard, you’ll click the event and review the information. If your team is able to perform the service, you’ll provide an ETA and accept the event. If you’d like to assign the call to a specific technician on your team, you’ll click this arrow next to the event status to review a list of all admins and technicians in REACH.

To review job-level requirements, click the second tab of the event. Here, both the driver and the technician are able to add and review photos, edit requirements, and even add a service if another issue arose after the event was submitted.

Communicate with all users involved in the event by clicking the third tab. In the “Public Comments” section, notes will be sent to the trucking or intermodal dispatcher, the driver, the service center admin, technicians, and the equipment provider. Want to send a comment to just a member of your team? Skip the extra phone calls and send a message in the confidential comments section.

Lastly, the location tab allows all parties involved to view a map and directions between where the breakdown occurred and where the service center is located.

When the technician has arrived on the scene, he or she will mark “Arrive” in event by clicking the arrow next to the event status. Once this is done, a small wrench will appear next to the event in the mobile app, as well as in the web portals of all parties involved.

Once the service is complete, the technician will mark “Complete” in the REACH app and each party is notified. Comments can continue to take place after the event has been completed and payment will commence in the mode the parties have selected outside of REACH.

REACH Academy is a free online course designed for users new to the platform or looking to refresh their knowledge on core topics. Those who complete the 30-minute course become REACH certified in the platform on both web and mobility, remain up-to-date on trucking and intermodal industry technologies, and join a community of over 1,700 tenants completing work orders in REACH every day.

To enroll in REACH Academy, visit this link or ask us a question directly to Madeline Grimes at madeline@reach24.net.