December Enhancements: Custom Fields and Inspection Reporting

What are they?

  • More custom fields. Have more custom fields you'd like to include in service events? Now, all user types (trucking dispatchers, service centers, shippers, and equipment providers) can add up to 10 custom fields in the in the control panel. What's more, notes can now be added as a field type in addition to text, number, date/time, and checkbox formats.
  • Equipment inspection and DVIR reporting. Portal admins are now able to download transactional report data for equipment inspection and driver vehicle inspection reports. These reports are accessible through the transactional reports icon on the dashboard.

Why are they important? A greater amount of custom fields allow admins to tailor the information desired from vendors without tracking it down beyond their REACH portals. In addition, the notes field type allows long-form responses without relying on the comments section within service events and the scrolling that often ensues.

Finally, the ability to create transactional reports for equipment inspections and DVIRs allow admins to capture detailed information for high volumes data.

Who gets them? All user types - trucking dispatchers, service centers, shippers, and equipment providers - will receive these enhancements.

November Enhancements

What are they?

  • Hide "Delay Reaction" field when no Idle Timers are set by the Admin.
  • Add equipment status to DVIR.
  • Manage DVIRs under review while creating equipment inspections.
  • Edit the time the event was created.
  • In-Process events can now be reassigned to different service providers. While doing so, the trucking dispatcher will be prompted to provide the reason for reassignment, which will be shared with the service center via email.

Why are they important?

Hiding the "Delay Reaction" field when Idle Timers are left blank assists in cleaning unnecessary line items from service event creation screens and in avoiding confusion for team members who do not have the capabiltiy to view Idle Timers (in other words, team members who are not REACH Admins).

Adding the status of associated equipment and maanging DVIRs from while creating equipment inspections eliminate redundant steps, reducing the back-and-forth navigation between screens for team members using the web portal.

In the case of retroactively creating an event, the means to edit the call time allows trucking dispatchers to more accurately input and track service event data.

Lastly, the ability for the driver to drag the location marker allows other parties to view where the driver is exactly in relation to the vehicle. This capability will appear on the mobile app only if the driver is marked to be with the unit and separate icon will appear for the current location of the driver in case that he/she walks away from the unit.

Who gets them?

Only trucking dipatch partners will receive the following enhancements:

  • Add equipment status to DVIR.
  • Manage DVIRs under review while creating equipment inspections.

The company types who create events - namely, trucking dispatchers and service centers performing yard checks - will be the only users able to edit the time the event was created.

All REACH partners noted as Admins have the capability to hide the "Delay Reaction" field when no Idle Timers are noted.

When service centers are re-assigned by a trucking dispatcher, only the service center (not the associated equipment provider) will receive the email notification.

Only drivers using the REACH mobile application will be able to update their locations using the dragging marker on the map.