Follow What Matters Most: January Enhancements Review

What are they?

  1. Add followers to events. In addition to setting automated notifications in the control panel, REACHers can now add followers to individual service events by adding their email addresses. These followers do not need to be active users of the platform and will receive email notifications for all public comments, event status changes, and service line items added as the event takes place.
  2. Custom fields show as selectable column options on the dashboard. Users are now able to view custom fields on their dashboards. Up to ten custom fields can be added from the control panel and will appear both in service events and upon logging in.
  3. Add attachments to invoices. Photos and other file documents can now be attached to invoices submitted from service centers to truck dispatchers via REACH.

Why are they important? Adding followers to event allows not only those diretly involved in the associated repair, but also extended entities to keep a closer pulse on a specific unit's progress. Instead of receiving notifications for all events within a portal, these entities have the option to be kept in the loop of equipment only within their direct line of focus.

Having custom fields included on the dashboard enables users to keep track of the line items that matter to them without navigating between individual events. These fields can also be hidden by clicking the Show/Hide Columns button on the dashboard if desired.

Lastly, the option to include files and photos with invoices provides for a more inclusive platform in that the need to send separate emails with attachments is eliminated.

Who gets them? All user levels of all user types will receive these enhancements.

December Enhancements: Custom Fields and Inspection Reporting

What are they?

  • More custom fields. Have more custom fields you'd like to include in service events? Now, all user types (trucking dispatchers, service centers, shippers, and equipment providers) can add up to 10 custom fields in the in the control panel. What's more, notes can now be added as a field type in addition to text, number, date/time, and checkbox formats.
  • Equipment inspection and DVIR reporting. Portal admins are now able to download transactional report data for equipment inspection and driver vehicle inspection reports. These reports are accessible through the transactional reports icon on the dashboard.

Why are they important? A greater amount of custom fields allow admins to tailor the information desired from vendors without tracking it down beyond their REACH portals. In addition, the notes field type allows long-form responses without relying on the comments section within service events and the scrolling that often ensues.

Finally, the ability to create transactional reports for equipment inspections and DVIRs allow admins to capture detailed information for high volumes data.

Who gets them? All user types - trucking dispatchers, service centers, shippers, and equipment providers - will receive these enhancements.