Meet the Team

Since 2015, our management team has brought years of experience to a young company. Comprised of transportation and technology experts, meet the team that works tirelessly to help tenants grow, succeed, and receive an excellent REACH experience. 

Paul Burgoyne


Paul is a family guy, golfer, baseball coach, and blooming motocross enthusiast. He is the chief evangelist for REACH, getting the story out to marketplace and deals to the door. He lives to make the customer value proposition impactful.

Ash leads a wholesome life and loves to cook, read, hike, and travel. He is a foodie who loves to cook. You'll often find him near food, either eating, preparing, or planning his next dish. The kitchen is where product innovation takes shape.

All his activities lead him to his singular focus: To make REACH very simple and intuitive for users while handling complex business needs behind the scenes.

Ash Gaur

Chief Information Officer

Khush Jhaj

Chief Technology Officer

Abhi is a potter and a sculpturist first. He love shapes, patterns, and colors, is a food channel aficionado, and is a movie buff who can binge-watch movies in loops, making sure not even the most minute detail escapes his attention.

As Project Manager, he is the link that connects and blends efforts of each individual into one beautiful product: REACH.

Abhi Gaur

Project Manager

Madeline Grimes is a performing musician, community volunteer, and avid reader. In her spare time, she enjoys exercising and spending time with friends and family.

Madeline provides website maintenance, customer onboarding, media creation, software configuration, blog writing, and social media management.

Madeline Grimes

Director of Marketing

Dhina Karan

UX/UI Designer


Mobility Designer


Mobility Designer


Software Engineer

Sairam Suresh

Software Engineer


Software Engineer