REACH™ for Fleets

We help your assets stay where they belong, on the road! Collaborate with your service partners, increase your asset uptime, decrease your maintenance costs and increase your driver satisfaction by adopting REACH™, a modern SAAS based maintenance exchange. Read further about our philosophy and how we help Fleets like you

Eliminate the redundant

REACH™ leverages industry best practices and streamlines processes to eliminate the non-value adding. Adopt REACH™ to leapfrog in your process maturity

Automate where possible

REACH™ believes in automation-first as a principle. By automating the mundane chores, it enhances human productivity and enriches work profile

Manage the exceptions through workflow

REACH™ recognizes that service events follow Pareto principle. A predominant majority of the events are standard and can be automated, leaving only the exceptions for human intervention.

With 19 million events and counting. We help you move in the know.