REACH™ for Intermodal

Whether you're looking to maximize equipment uptime, increase driver and technician productivity, or provide real-time visibility into your operations, REACH™ has you covered. You can now take your intermodal operations to the next level with our platform.

A Game-Changing Platform for the Intermodal Industry Everything you need to reduce repair times and maintenance costs.

Total Visibility

Gone are the days of equipment breakdowns and unnecessarily long repair times. REACH™ provides you with real-time visibility into your fleet and operations, allowing you to make informed decisions based on accurate data. Our modern dashboards give you all the information you need at your fingertips. With this real-time visibility, you can optimize equipment usage, identify the cause of long repair times, and increase equipment uptime.

Boost Drivers’ Productivity

REACH™ goes the extra mile to empower drivers. Our user-friendly mobile applications allow them to quickly report and access information about their service request needs right at their fingertips. We also offer an optional DVIR module that seamlessly integrates with service requests, providing complete visibility into the interchange lifecycle. This enhanced productivity leads to reduced costs and faster turnaround times, giving your organization a competitive edge.

Technician Satisfaction

Revolutionize technicians’ workflows with powerful applications. No more time-consuming manual follow-ups, endless phone calls, or constant check-ins. Our application centralizes all essential functions, enabling technicians to accept or reject events, provide real-time updates on repairs, and effortlessly take/upload photos - all from one location. Now technicians can take control of their workload with a live tech tracker and automated tech dispatch features. Say hello to streamlined efficiency and goodbye to manual follow-ups, phone calls, and check-ins.

Real Time Communication Between Stakeholders

The true beauty of REACH™ is in its ability to unite all involved stakeholders on one platform. Get seamless, real-time communication among all involved parties with unparalleled transparency and communication, ultimately improving efficiency. We are committed to providing enhanced customer service and support. Get easy access to our team of experts to integrate our software solution seamlessly into your operations. Contact us today to learn how we can help you address the biggest challenges facing the intermodal industry.

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